The Dead Liar

They lied. They died. We Believe.
The Good Prince And The Witch

The Good Prince And The Witch

Adapted from movie: “A monster calls”

“Let me tell you a story, of an end of a wicked queen and how I made sure she was never seen again”

“Long ago, before there was a town with roads and trains and cars, there was a prosperous kingdom. The wise king of the kingdom had won peace for his people. But peace had come at a price. The king had lost all three of his sons at battle, to giants, to dragons, to armies of men raised by great wizards. The queen was unable to bear the all their three sons, and died of grief, leaving the king in the company of his only remaining heir, his orphaned grandson.

The child was raised as a prince, winning the love of his kingdom with his gallantry and good heart. His people loved him.

He was nearly a man when his grandfather took a new wife. The king became ill and the rumor began to spread that she was an evil witch bent on taking the throne for herself by poisoning the king. A few weeks later the king died. The prince was too young to take his place, so by law, the queen would rule for another year. The future was uncertain.

The prince meanwhile had given away his heart. She was beautiful and smart. And though only a farmer’s daughter, the kingdom smiled at the match. The queen, however, was rather enjoying being queen. And for that to remain so, she wanted to marry the prince. She was still a young beautiful woman don’t forget. The prince rightly, however, didn’t like the idea either. He took the farmer’s daughter and rode away into the night. He stopped to rest only after a day under the branches of a yew tree.

The next morning the prince awoke. “Arise my beloved”, he said. But the farmer’s daughter did not stir.  Which was when the prince noticed the blood. Someone had stabbed her during the night. “The Queen”, he cried “the queen has murdered my bride” the villagers full of fury and vengeance, rose up. It was then that I awoke. The queen was never seen again. I took the queen and carried her far enough away so that the townspeople would never find her. To a village by the sea where she began a new life.”

“But she killed the farmer’s daughter. How can you save a murderer? Guess you really are a monster.”

“I never said she killed the farmer’s daughter. I said that the prince said it was her. The prince never fell asleep that night, but waited for the farmers daughter to fall asleep. And then he began his real plan. He killed the girl. He knew her death would start a fire that would consume the queen entire.”

“That’s a terrible story and a cheat”

“It’s a true story. Many things that are true feel like a cheat. Kingdoms get the prince they deserve. Farmer’s daughters die for no reason. And sometimes witches merit saving. Quite often actually, you would be surprised.”

“So, the good prince is a murderer, the evil witch must not be a witch after all?”

“No, the queen most certainly was a witch. And could have been in the way to do great evil. Who can say?”

“Then why did you save her then?”

“because what she was not was a murderer. She hadn’t poisoned the king; he had merely grown old. “

“Did the prince ever get caught?”

“No, He became a much-beloved king, who ruled happily until the end of his long days. “

“I don’t get it, who’s the good guys here?”

“There is not always a good guy my dear, nor is there always a bad one. Most people are somewhere in between.”

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